September 10, 2020 # 1169

This show finds us travelling to Boohaabia, a mystical land in the Indian Ocean with the tour guides a rollicking trio called the Bround Fellinis, as well as sampling a selection of impressive new releases from bassist Eric Revis, drummer Vijay Anderson, guitarist David Lord, bassist Luke Stewart, Polish trumpeter Continue Reading

September 3, 2020 #1168

Over the last few shows, there’ve been several fine new releases by some of the great women jazz players out there, and this week is no exception. English saxophonist Josephine Davies and her trio Satori are back with “How Can We Wake?”, driving bassist Ellen Andrea Wang from Norway leaves Continue Reading

August 27, 2020 #1167

Lately you’ve heard a number of recordings featuring Buenos Aires saxophonist and composer Camila Nebbia. Rather opportunely, Ears & Eyes Records has just released “Aura”, a new album by Ms Nebbia. It shows off her skills as a composer in a set of deeply dense and challenging tunes. Belgium’s singer Continue Reading