About One Man’s Jazz

Little did bassist Stanley Clarke know that his 2007 utterance “One man’s jazz is another man’s something else” was already hard at work. One Man’s Jazz – the radio show – started in 1999 at CKUW FM 95.9 in Winnipeg. It moved to Taint Radio in January of 2012. I had had enough of college radio, and knowing that Taint Radio was excited about the prospects of  me joining them plus the freedom it offered, I plunged ahead.  And what a run it was, (I didn’t miss a week!) right up until the last day of Taint Radio in April 2024 when it ceased operations.  I’m proud to have been part of what we accomplished as an independent, commercial-free internet radio station.

All of the shows are pre-recorded in my home, and uploaded to the various platforms each week.

What will you hear on One Man’s Jazz? Probably one of the broadest palettes of non-mainstream jazz, with artists and music from every corner of the globe. I have veered away from playing much mainstream or historical jazz, because I think this creative music must move forward and grow, so I do tend to look for new recordings, new artists — jazz from around the world in all its flavours. Call it unexpected music for the unaware. Someone once called me a curator of improvised music. I kind of like that idea.

There’s a Facebook page for One Man’s Jazz where I post weekly show previews on Wednesdays or day-of-show posts on Thursdays. Follow it, and you’ll keep up with the shows.  And I do send out occasional emails to a list of “friends of One Man’s Jazz” to inform them about something momentous happening: like a recent announcement of the 20th anniversary of the show or a year-end review.

In August of 2018 I began to use mixcloud.com as another platform to get the music out there.  That led to joining a growing bunch of radio shows and podcasts now available at allaboutjazz.com. Those posts link to the mixcloud pages, and now the playlists posted on this site link to mixcloud as well. Better quality sound and pretty pictures, but skimpy playlist info, so you’ll want to check things out here.

Each track comes with a time stamp, so that should help you navigate through the Mixcloud stream if you’re looking for a particular tune or artist.  Otherwise, the playlist information should look familiar:  artist, recording, label, song and country.  You may also subscribe to One Man’s Jazz on Mixcloud.com for a nominal monthly fee.

I hope you’ll enjoy the music on One Man’s Jazz, and spread the word. It’s all about the music and the musicians who make it, not the host. He likes to hide as much as possible.

Maurice (Moe) Hogue – producer, host, and believer.

Big thanks to Alex Buchner for setting up this site.