(Much-deserving of support in this age of streaming)

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577 Records – New York artist-run – profits to the artists
Aerophonic – Chicago home of Dave Rempis
Astral Spirits – independent, pushing the envelope
Auand – one of my favourite Italian labels
Aut – artist-run German collective
Barefoot – releases Scandinavian avant-garde music
BJU – Brooklyn-based collective
BMC – part of Budapest Music Centre – impressive operation
Breakfast4Dinner – run by New Orlean’s Jeff Albert
Clean Feed – my absolute go-to label from Portugal
Cuneiform – wide range of artists, based in USA
Driff – Boston based and artist-run
Ears & Eyes – begun by bassist Matthew Golombisky
Eclipse Music – busy and varied music from Finland
ECM – the godfather
Edition – started small, now one of Britain’s top labels
For Tune – Polish label that got me started
FPE – covers the fertile Chicago scene
Gotta Let It Out – Denmark’s Tomo Jacobson’s operation
Iluso – artist-run, no holds barred
Intakt – Swiss-based label with impressive catalog
Jazzhausmusik – German indie label, focuses on that scene
Karkio Mistika – Finnish home of Sound And Fury
Libra – Satoko Fujii lives here!
Multikulti – another Polish label with varied catalogue
NoBusiness – Lithuanian label, pushes the envelope
Nusica – Italian collective and presenter
Orenda – Los Angeles home of Daniel Rosenboom
Out Of Your Head – Brooklyn NY label
pFmentum – USA artists, no limits
Pling – from Norway
QFTF – another German independent
Rare Noise – British label with wide range in releases
Relative Pitch – NY-based leader in avant and free jazz
Ropeadope – funky, creative, contemporary from Philly
Rufus – my main connection to the Australian scene
Songlines – #1 Canadian source of creative music
Sunnyside – US label with rep for releasing great stuff
TUM – very creative label from Finland
UR – fast-growing label from Italy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We Jazz – industrious label documenting the Finnish contemporary scene                                                                                                                                                                                           Whirlwind – British label with contemporary catalogue
WhyPlayJazz – German independent top of my list
Yolk – French collective of note

ACCM – the source
Bandcamp – my favourite source for independent music
CDBaby – independent music, has outlived the rest
Freejazz Blog – what it says
Jazz Festivals Canada – yes, there is an actual organization
Jazz Journalists Association – important site
Jazzweek – covers jazz radio in the USA
New York City Jazz Record – monthly mag you must read
Polish Jazz Blogspot – follow the Polish scene