About taintradio.org

taintradio.org was an alliance of independent, music-focused program producers that set a standard for internet jazz radio from 2008 to April 2024.  The producers were a collective of a dozen-or-so individuals from a few different countries, and there was no paid staff. Each show  producer was free to play whatever he/she felt like. There were no suits!!!!!!!

It was noncommercial and did not target any particular audience or sell anyone anything.The business plan was to never become a business. Expenses were primarily music licensing and broadband, and they were kept as low as possible so Taint Radio never had to resort to on-air fundraising or ads.  There was a tip jar on the web site for those who wished to show their appreciation.

One Man’s Jazz was proud to be a part of Taint Radio.  TR had a great run and it was indeed a success.