June 17, 2021 #1208

Another great show for you, featuring music from new releases by Montreal’s Mark Nelson & Sympathetic Frequencies, Anna Webber’s opus “Idiom”, trumpeters Pete Rodriguez and Argentina’s Joaquin Muro, bassist Matt Booth & Palindrome, powerhouse quartet from Germany – the Resonators led by saxophonist Frank Gratkowski, a large and dynamic ensemble Continue Reading

June 10, 2021 #1207

There are times when I could break out in giggles of joy at the choices of music I have, and this show is one of those times. So much bleepin’ great new stuff! Right off the hop with Sons of Kemet, then moving to Broken Shadows, a NY quartet of Continue Reading

June 3, 2021 #1206

You may have noticed that this show consistently includes new releases. I guess it’s just my desire to keep things fresh all the time. This episode features five new releases that are all different, all creatively crafted, and all bloody good. Drummer Chet Smith’s fascination with Haitian music coalesces on Continue Reading