May 30, 2024 #1363

More new music from William Parker continues with selections from his new “Cereal Music”; it’s his first spoken word album. Parker’s joined by vocalist and sound producer Ellen Christi, and the results are unique and magical. There’s more poetry on the track, “Africa”, by Gaspare Di Lieto – the late Continue Reading

May 23, 2024 #1362

The annual Vision Festival in New York is approaching (June 18-23 and streaming too), and that means one particular artist will be recognized for his/her lifetime achievements. This year the artist is bassist, composer, author and pretty much everything else, William Parker, who actually has played a central role in Continue Reading

May 16, 2024 #1361

It’s been a period of wondering what the next album by Orchestra Nazionale Della Luna would sound like, and now that their new “Selene’s View” has been released, I can happily state it’s another very interesting recording. That same focus on aspects of life is still there – the growing Continue Reading