June 4, 2020 #1155

This episode ranges from powerful free jazz (Anna Hogberg Attack from Sweden) to rhythmic-driven music by saxophonist Seth Tracy who adapts Pygmy music to his own playing to electronic controllers in the hands of veteran English keyboardist Veryan Weston. There’s music from two Finnish bands heard on the show for Continue Reading

May 28, 2020 #1154

I love this new recording from South African drummer and composer, Asher Gamedze! It’s pushing an envelope I haven’t heard from jazz in that part of the world for some time. Gamedze has produced an exceptional album. You’ll hear the entire “State Of Emergence Suite”. Back again after a highly Continue Reading

May 21, 2020 #1153

This episodes features tributes to two noted free jazz musicians with similar stories of early success then disappearance then rediscovery: Giuseppi Logan and Henry Grimes, both of whom passed away recently. New music comes from trombonist Jeff Albert, guitarist Tim Stine, Aussie trumpeter Paul Williamson, and the Chad Taylor Trio. Continue Reading