July 4, 2019 Playlist #1108

Music tells story as much as a storyteller, dance, theatre, etc.  This episode features some definite stories wrapped in improvisation.  Vancouver guitarist Tony Wilson has already written a fictional novella about an addicted busker surviving on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.  Tony lived on that street, and his story came out in a recording called “A Day’s Life.” Now he’s back with another revelatory piece of work:  “This Way Through The Forest”, music (part of a multi-media presentation) that shares his story as a teenager living at St. Joseph’s Training School in Ontario, a place that was fraught with physical and sexual abuse of the boys who were sent there.  This album debuts on this episode of One Man’s Jazz.

Twenty-year-old saxophonist Isaiah Collier is writing his own story every time he steps on the stage. Steeped in the traditions of Chicago and the AACM, Collier has been drawing the attention of the jazz world.  His new recording “The Unapologetic Negro” displays some of that fire and power.  You’ll want to listen to his music.

New recordings also appearing on the show come from Japanese reed man Akihiro Yoshimoto, the German powerhouse ensemble Zwitschermaschine, guitarist Dan Phillips, Aussie saxophonist Jon Crompton and Portuguese drummer Joao Lencastre and a new quartet. In fact there’s a good sampling of the Portuguese scene in the persons of André Carvalho, Gabriel Ferrandini, and The Attic.   I hope you like the music. It’s hard as nails.

00:00 André Carvalho * The Garden Of Earthly Delights – Outside In * The Forlorn Mill * Portugal
05:57 Anti-Rubber Brain Factory * Ensueños Burlescos Peligrosos y Misticos de Tierras Mexicanas – Le Fondeur de Son * Danza De La Culebra * France
10:24 Host speaks
12:45 Isaiah Collier * The Unapologetic Negro – self-released * Closed Doors * USA
25:09 Angles 9 * Beyond Us – Clean Feed * Against The Permanent Revolution * Sweden
33:36 Volpe * Volpe – self-released * Tokkel * Belgium
38:24 Host speaks
39:40 Akihiro Yoshimoto * Nostalgic Farm – self-released * Enpitsu Hiko * Japan
42:37 Le Rex * Escape Of The Fire Ants – Cuneiform * Strong Woods * Switzerland
47:40 Host speaks
48:56 Zwitschermaschine * System For Us – WhyPlayJazz * Unisono I II III * Germany
59:12 Eric Hofbauer’s Five Agents * Book Of Water – Creative Nations * Water Understands Civilization Well * USA
1:09:04 Host speaks
1:11:14 Tony Wilson * This Way Through The Forest – Self-released * Sash’s Dream * Canada
1:22:43 Gabriel Ferrandini * Volupias – Clean Feed * Rua Academia Das Ciences * Portugal
1:29:01 Dan Phillips Trio * Sound Energy In Space – Lizard Breath * Emphatic Resonance * USA
1:36:05 Host speaks
1:38:00 Jon Crompton * Intuit – New Lab * Intuit * USA
1:48:47 Kenneth Jimenez Trio * Sublunary Minds – Self-released * What’s The Frequency? * USA
1:52:03 Host speaks
1:53:10 Casino Di Terra * Cosa Potrebbe Accadere – Aut * Orlando * Italy
1:58:04 Albert Beger Quartet * The Gate – NoBusiness * This Is It! * Israel
2:08:04 Whit Dickey & Kirk Knuffke * Drone Dream – NoBusiness * Oblique Blessing * USA
2:15:05 Host speaks
2:15:51 The Attic * Summer Bummer – NoBusiness * Walking Metamorphosis * Portugal
2:31:31 Samuel Ber * Maps And Synecdoches – Self-released * Beyond The Fourth Wall * Belgium
2:38:11 Nick Mazzarella Trio * Counterbalance – Astral Spirits * The Puzzle * USA
2:44:36 Host speaks
2:46:27 Joao Lencastre’s Parallel Realities * Parallel Realities – Self-released * Departure * Portugal


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