January 3 2019 One Man's Jazz #1082
A big welcome to the first show of 2019.  It was a privilege to play some pretty amazing music in 2018 and I have no doubt that more is coming.   This week and next week, you'll hear music from the recordings chosen as favourites of 2018..  An earlier post has all the details.  Enjoy!!


    Nate Wooley * Columbia Ice Fields - Northern Spy * With Condolences * USA
    Sean Conly * Hard Knocks - Clean Feed * Loose Screws * USA
    Quin Kirchner * The Other Side Of Time - Astral Spirits * Limbo/The Shoes Of The Fisherman Are Some Jive Ass Slippers * USA
    Mario Costa * Oxy Patina - Clean Feed * Abismo * Portugal
    Benoit Delbecq 4 * Spots On Stripes - Clean Feed * Springs * France
    Madame de Butternu t * Le Grenier de la Chouette - Label Manivelle * Marche Presque * France
    Dan Weiss * Stare Baby - Pi * A Puncherís Chance * USA
    Peter Hess * Falling - Self-released * Bluebells * USA

    • Hour 2:   (60:01)   LISTEN

    Sound And Fury * Thundering Of Dawn - Karko Mistika * Alvreda Daia * Finland
    Samuel Blaser Quartet * Early In The Morniní - Outnote * Tom Shermanís Barroom * Switzerland
    Albert Beger & Shay Hazan * Black Mynah - Self-released * Kin * Israel
    Michael Formanek Elusion Quartet * Time Like This - Intakt * That Was Then * USA
    Cene Resnik Watch For Dogs Trio * Shades Of Colours - NotTwo * Thieves Came Quietly * Slovenia
    Devin Gray * Dirigo Rataplan II - Rataplan * Congruently * USA
    First Gig Never Happened * Mingus Without Bass Monk Without Hat - Alessa * Bemsha Swing * Austria
    Ricardo Toscano * Ricardo Toscani Quartet - Clean Feed * Almeria * Portugal

    • Hour 3:   (59:13)   LISTEN

    Vlek * Music On The Further Side Of The Moon - El Negocito * Three Tracks In The Desert * Netherlands
    Sylvie Courvoisier Trio * DíAgala - Intakt * Bourgeoisí Spider * Switzerland
    Josť Lencastre Nau Quartet * Eudaimonia -  FMR * Ni * Portugal
    Marty Ehrlich * Trio Exaltation - Clean Feed * June 11th 2015 In Memoriam Ornette Coleman * USA
    Philip Zoubek Trio * Outside - WhyPlayJazz * Distorted Chants * Germany
    Phillip Johnston & The Coolerators * Digginí Bones - Asynchronos * Ducket Got A Hole In It * Australia
    Kresten Osgood Quintet * Kresten Osgood Quintet Plays Jazz - Gotta Let It Out * Waterbabies * Denmark
    Andrew Cyrille * Lebroba - ECM * Pretty Beauty * USA

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