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The One Man's Jazz 2018 Report

ImageHereís the annual year-end look at One Manís Jazz for the previous year. There was some very excellent music released in 2018 and Iíve picked out my favourites:   After 52 shows and 1241 pieces of music played from artists from 29 different countries,  here are my favourite  18 for Ď18. 

(PS:  It would be great if you decided to buy some albums. Artists need that kind of support.)

(Listed alphabetically by artist/album/label/artistís country)

Andrew Cyrille * Lebroba (ECM) * USA    
Master percussionist with Bill Frisell & Wadada Leo Smith  - thatís enough.

Benoit Delbecq 4 * Spots On Stripes (Clean Feed) * France    
Highly creative keyboardist, full of surprises, innovation

Cene Resnik Trio Watch For Dogs * Shades Of Colors (NotTwo) * Slovenia    
Beauty in the midst of free jazz

First Gig Never Happened * Mingus Without Bass, Monk Without Hat (Alessa) * Austria    
Intrepid young trio tangling with the greats; full of surprises & ambition

Jason Robinsonís Janus Ensemble * Resonant Geographies (pFmentum) * USA    
Large ensemble led by a master reed player and great soloist

Liberty Ship * Signal Horn (Eclipse Music) * Finland    
Finnish quartet owns my heart & brain. Love their playing. Come to Winnipeg!

Mario Costa * Oxy Patina (Intakt) * Spain
Spanish drummer debut, intriguing approach to trio, filled with sound.

Marty Ehrlich * Trio Exaltation (Clean Feed) * USA
Bloody outstanding!  A desert-island disk from the first note.

Michael Formanek Elusion Quartet * Time Like This (Intakt) * USA    
Powerful quartet of the very best: Tony Malaby, Kris Davis, Ches Smith.

Nicole Mitchell * Maroon Cloud (FPE) * USA    
Holds the musical spirit of the AACM, powerful statements about race in America

Quin Kirchner * The Other Side Of Time (Astral (Spirits) * USA    
Ambitious album, great Chicago musicians, gets there!

Samuel Blaser Quartet * Early In The Morniní (Outnote) * Switzerland    
Tribute to the blues through modern re-interpretation. I love Samuelís playing and ideas.

Schnell * Live At Sowieso (Clean Feed) * Germany    
Be-bop as a starting point, but it never knew it would end up like this!  Fiery stuff.

Sean Conly
* Hard Knocks (Clean Feed) * USA    
One of the best bass-driven recordings in a long time. And Ralph Alessi in the house!

Scott Clark
* ToNow (Clean Feed) * USA    
Musical expression of protest and support for the North Dakota Sioux vs Big Oil & USA

Sound & Fury * Thundering Of Dawn (Karkio Mistika) * Finland    
Continuing the music and spirit of late Edward Vesala. Fabulous group.

Steve Coleman & Five Elements * Live At The Village Vanguard Vol. 1 (Pi) * USA    
One of the most important &innovative players in jazz today. Steve Coleman rocks!

Sylvie Courvoisier Trio * DíAgala (Intakt) * Switzerland    
Expansive and brilliant pianist with Drew Gress and Kenny Wollesen. Amazing!

And a 19th - it came late but, wow!     Thomas Markussonís Open (Footprint) - Sweden    Takes you back to those memorable ECM recordings with Kenny Wheeler and Tomasz Stanko. Iíd be very surprised if you donít like this music.

And you might like these too.  I did.
Albert Beger & Shay Hazan - Black Mynah(ind) - Israel
Angelika Niescier - The Berlin Concert - (Intakt) - Germany
Dan Phillips & Hamid Drake - Trail of Inevitability - (Lizard Breath) - USA
Devin Gray - Dirigo Rataplan 2 - (Rataplan) - USA
Enrique Haneine - The Mindís Mural - (Elegant Walk) - USA
Jakob Bro - Bay of Rainbows - ECM) - (Denmark
Kamil Piorowicz Sextet - Product Placement - (Howard) - Poland

Most Played Artist:   Satoko Fujii (she released twelve different albums in 2018, one per month, to celebrate her 60th birthday in 2018.  Satoko rocks!  Benoit Delbecq and Michael Formanek were everywhere and always at their best.

Most Played Label:  Clean Feed by miles (annd I do not have any financial interest in Clean Feed. I just dig the music they release), Intakt & ECM

Artists from USA, Germany, Canada, France, England & Italy led the way in terms of numbers.
Combined, European artists pretty much equaled American artists played.

Most Played Albums
Vinny Goliaís - Trajectory and  Marty Ehrlichís Trio Exaltation

Happy to have expanded the reach of One Manís Jazz to mixcloud.com and allaboutjazz.com, and more convinced than ever to continue showing great music is played everywhere.



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