November 22, 2018 One Man's Jazz #1076

  • Hour 1:   (60:17)   LISTEN
John Escreet * Learn To Live - Blue Room Music * Smokescreen * Grt Britain
Irek Wojtczak Folk Five * Play It Again - Fundacja Sluchaz * Kej jo ide w pole * Poland
Irek Wojtczak Folk Five * Play It Again - Fundacja Sluchaz * Z tamtej strony jeziora * Poland
Tim Haldeman * Open Water As A Child - Woolgathering * Good As Gone * USA
David Binney & Manuel Engel * Zinc City - Metonic * Domesticity * USA
Josephine Davies Satori * In The Corner Of Clouds - Whirlwind * Oddities * Grt Britain
Hot Heroes * Folkjazz From Finland - Eclipse Music * Ameriikan-Suomalainen Hambo * Finland
  • Hour 2:   (59:30)    LISTEN
Quinsin Nachoff & Flux * Path Of Totality - Whirlwind * March Macabre * Canada
Roberto Ottaviano * Eternal Love - Dodicilune * Chairman Mao * Italy
Alberto Pinton * Rōd - Self-released * Oro E Argento * Sweden
Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh & Christian Lillinger * Punkt.Vrt.Plastik - Intakt * Evicted * Slovenia Germany
Master Oogway * The Concet Koan - Clean Feed * Eddapliks Part I * Norway
Trio Heinz Herbert * Yes - Intakt * Tolerance * Switzerland
Julien TouerySylvain Kassap & Fabien Duscombs * 8 Détours - Mr. Morezon * Cromlech * France
  • Hour 3:   (59:35)   LISTEN
Quinsin Nachoff & Flux * Path Of Totality - Whirlwind * Splatter * Canada
Beppe Scardino * BP10 Live In Pisa - Auand * 1001 * Italy
Art Ensemble Of Chicago * Coming Home Jamaica - Atlantic * Mama Wants You * USA
Laia Genc & Roger Hanschel * Change Follows Vision - Jazzhausmusik * Strandgut * Germany
Michael Formanek ’s Elusion *  QuartetTime Like This - Intakt * The Soul Goodbye * USA
Twin Talk * Weaver - People * Paxton * USA                                                        

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