May 17, 2018 One Man's Jazz #1049
ImageThe focus, on this the 300th edition of One Man's Jazz since joining taintradio.org, is on multi-instrumentalist and reed master Marty Ehrlich .  I got the idea to devote most of the second hour to Marty's music after seeing an advert for a Marty Ehrlich-in residence week at The Stone in NYC, coming up at the end of May. 
  • Hour 1:   (59:25)   LISTEN
Pawan Benjamin * Tinte Baja - Ind. * Hills * USA
Dave Gisler Trio * Rabbits On The Run - Intakt * Dive * Switzerland
RGG - Samuel Blaser - Verneri Pohjola * City Of Gardens - Fundacja Sluchaj * Rarum * Poland
Billy Jones * Threeís A Crowd - AC Recording * Ellieís Dream * USA
Willie Oteri & Dark Matter Horns * Evolution - Narratives Vol. 1 - Ind. * Shamanís Tale * USA
Pawan Benjamin * Tinte Baja - Ind. * A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing * USA
Tomo Jacobson ís Il Sogno * Birthday - Gotta Let It Out * Two Part Chorale * Denmark
Vinny Golia * Syncquistic Linear Explorations and Their Geopolitical Outcomes - Nine Winds * The Trouble With Mr. Snappy * USA
  • Hour 2:   (60:11)   LISTEN
Julius Hemphill Sextet * At Dr. Kingís Table - New World * Holy Rockers * USA
Marty Ehrlich & Muhal Richard Abrams * Open Air Meeting - New World * Blues To You * USA
Marty Ehrlich ís Dark Woods Ensemble * Just Before The Dawn - New World * The Folksinger * USA
Marty Ehrlich   * Song - Enja * Pity The Poor Immigrant * USA
Andrew Cyrille - Mark Dresser - Marty Ehrlich * C/D/E - PAO * View From The Point * USA
Marty Ehrlich ís Rites Quintet * Things Have Got To Change - Clean Feed * Rites Rhythm * USA
Marty Ehrlich * Line On Love - Palmetto * Line On Love * USA
Art Ensemble of Chicago * Non-Cognitive Aspects Of The City  - Live At Iridium - Pi * Big Red Peaches * USA
  • Hour 3:   (59:43)    LISTEN
Kira Kira * Bright Force - Libra * Because Of The Sun * Japan
Mads la Cour & Amulgi * Hule - WhyPlayJazz * Hule * Denmark
Shawn Maxwell ís New Tomorrow * Music In My Mind - Origin * King Bill * USA
Gratitude Trio * Gratitude III - Ind. * Xin Yi * Belgium
Lama * The Elephantís Journey - Clean Feed * Crime And Punishment * Portugal
Cristina Miguel Martinez * Amsterdam - Ind. * Benny * Spain
Jungsu Choi ís Tiny Orkester * Tschuss Jazz Era - Challenge * Stolen Yellow * South Korea
Mary Halvorson * Code Girl - Firehouse 12 * The Unexpected Natural Phenomenon * USA

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