January 4, 2018 One Man's Jazz #1030
Welcome to the first show of a new year.  You'll hear some of the show's favourites of '17 featured this week. If you go here , you'll find a full list of our choices. 
  • Hour 1:   (59:47)   LISTEN

Trevor Watts * A Wider Embrace - ECM * Opening Gambit * Grt Britain
Gordon Grdina * Inroads - Songlines * Apocalympics * Canada
Eric Revis Quartet * Sing Me Some Cry - Clean Feed * PT-44 * USA
Eric Revis Quartet * Sing Me Some Cry - Clean Feed * Glyph * USA
Blazing Flame Quintet * The Set List Shuffle - Leo * Over The Brow Of The Green Hill * Grt Britain
David Bindman Sextet * Ten Billion Versions of Reality - ind. * Refuge * USA
Roots Magic * Last Kind Words - Clean Feed * Tom Rushen Blues * Italy
1000 * 1000 Anthems To Work On A Good End - El Negocito * Four Individuals Singing Their Personal Hymns Simultaneously * Netherlands

  • Hour 2:   (59:43)   LISTEN
Aalberg-Kullhammar-Zetterberg-Santos Silva * The Basement Sessions Vol 4 (The Bali Tapes) - Clean Feed * Slow Ostinato * Sweden
Moker * Ladder - El Negocito * Drunk(en) Monk * Belgium
Vijay Iyer Sextet * Far From Over - ECM * Far From Over * USA
Scott Dubois Quartet * Autumn Wind - ACT Music * Autumn Aurora Borealis * USA
Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal * Hide Ye Idols - Loyal Label * Valentinus * USA
Borderlands Trio * Asteroidea - Intakt * From Polliwogs * USA
Ellwood Epps * Togetherness!! - Ind. * Bamako * Canada
Die Enttauschaung * Lavaman - Intakt * Jazz Als Hobby * Germany
Maxtett * Chapter Two - Eclipse Music * Pristine * Finland
  • Hour 3:   (60:00)   LISTEN
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Dark Net * USA
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Ombilique * USA
Yusef Komunyakaa -David Cieri-Mike Brown * White Dust - Ropeadope * Ode To The Oud * USA
Braden Smith * Midwood Street - Ind. * Midwood Street * USA
Steve Slagle * Dedication - Panorama * Niner * USA
Adam Nussbaum Trio  * The Leadbelly Project - Sunnyside * Goodnight Irene * USA
Oded Tzur * Translatorís Note - Enja * The Three Statements of Garab Dorje * Israel
Wadada Leo Smith * Solo: Reflections & Meditations On Monk - Tum * Ruby My Dear * USA

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