December 21, 2017 One Man's Jazz #1028
Rather unintentionally, there are several tracks included in this week's show from recordings that are on my list of 2017 favourites. I wonder which ones?  You'll have to wait until the end of the month to find out.
  • Hour 1:   (60:00)   LISTEN
Black Motor * Branches - WeJazz * Decision Jump * Finland
LAB Trio * Nature City - OutNote * Amnesiac * Belgium
Eric Revis * Sing Me Some Cry - Clean Feed * Rye Eclipse * USA
Gordon Grdina * Think Like The Waves - Songlines * Fragments * Canada
Johnny Dyani & Okay Temiz * The Witchdoctorís Son - Matsuli Music * Iím A Green Lamp * S.Africa
Roligheten * Homegrown - Clean Feed * Syvsover * Norway
Devin Gray * CloudSounds - Indie * Battle Fatigue * USA
Devin Gray * Relative Resonance - Skirl * Transatlantic Transitions * USA
Steve Coleman * Sine Die (Death To Crack Dealers) - Pangea * Destination * USA
  • Hour 2:   (59:54)   LISTEN
Wadada Leo Smith * Najwa - Tum * Ronald Shannon Jackson: The Master Of Symphonic Drumming And Multisonic Rhythms Inscriptions Of Rare Beauty * USA
Blazing Flame Quintet * The Set List Shuffle - Leo * Coal Black Buddha * Grt Britain
Blazing Flame Quintet * The Set List Shuffle - Leo * Nina Simone * Grt Britain
Trio Red Space * Fields Of Flat - Relay * Pro Flowers * USA
Brad Garton & Dave Solder * The Brainwave Project - Mulatta * The Wild * USA
Tomas Fujiwara * Triple Double - Firehouse 12 * Love & Protest * USA
Tomas Fujiwara * Triple Double - Firehouse 12 * Blueberry Eyes * USA
Timucin Sahin ís Flow State * Nothing Bad Can Happen - Between The Lines * Mahirís Plan To Find Scrus * Turkey
  • Hour 3:   (59:54)   LISTEN
Pablo Held * Glow 2: Incandescent Explorations - Pirouet * Smaragd * Germany
Francois Carrier & Michel Lambert * Out Of Silence - FMR * Happy To You * Canada
Lisa Mezzacappa * Glorious Ravage - New World * Great Green Gloom * USA
Lisa Mezzacappa * Glorious Ravage - New World * City Of Wonders * USA
Moker * Ladder - El Negocito * Uthiopia * Belgium
Cowboys and Frenchmen * Bluer Than You Think - Outside In * Clear Head * USA
Horace Tapscott & The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra * Live Aat the I.U.C.C. - Nimbus * Desert Fairy Princess * USA

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