October 12, 2017 One Man's Jazz #1018
Girls In Airports, the Danish quintet, is featured in hour one, and Italian saxophonist Piero Bittolo Bon gets the spotlight in the second hour. Hour three was a pleasure to program, as it begins and ends with music from a couple of good friends of mine:  pianists David Virelles and Alister Spence, both with two wonderful new releases.
  • Hour 1:   (59:53)   LISTEN
Bobby Bradford & Hafez Modirzadeh * Live At The Magic Triangle - NoBusiness * Ashes * USA
LAB Trio * Nature City - Outnote * Mental Floss * Belgium
Simon Millerd * Lessons and Fairy Tales - Songlines * The Unwinding Road * Canada
Girls In Airports * Live - Edition * Migration * Denmark
Girls In Airports * Live - Edition * Aeiki * Denmark
Steiger * And Above All - El Negocito * Hymne Without God * Belgium
Norma Winstone * Like Song Like Weather - Sunnyside * Carla’s Blues * Grt Britain
Norma Winstone * Manhattan In The Rain - Sunnyside * The Heather On The Hill * Grt Britain
  • Hour 2:   (59:38)   LISTEN
Piero Bittolo Bon & Bread And Fox * Live At Jazz Club Ferrara - Indie * Space Girls From Arrakis * Italy
Piero Bittolo Bon & Bread And Fox * Live At Jazz Club Ferrara - Indie * Paper Toilet * Italy
Henrique Eisenmann * The Free Poetics Of Henrique Eisenmann - Red Piano * Dans Un Fracas De Plumes * Brazil
Maria Grand * Tetra Wind - Indie * South (Quantum) * Switzerland
Philipp Gerschlauer * Mikrojazz - RareNoise * Hangover * Germany
Jure Pukl & Matija Dedic * Hybrid - Whirlwind * Where Are You Coming From And Where Are You Going? * Serbia
Ambrose Akinmusire * Rift In The Decorum - Blue Note * Withered * USA
  • Hour 3:   (59:29)   LISTEN
David Virelles * Gnosis - ECM * Lengua Part 1 * Canada
David Virelles * Gnosis - ECM * Erume Kondo * Canada
David Virelles * Gnosis - ECM * Benkomo * Canada
David Virelles * Gnosis - ECM * Tierra * Canada
Gordon Grdina * Ghost Lights - Songlines * Gold Spheres * Canada
Wadada Leo Smith * Human Rights - Kabell * Ethiopia: Africa * USA
Vijay Iyer Sextet * Far From Over - ECM * Into Action * USA
Alister Spence Trio * Not Everything But Enough - Indie * Not Everything But Enough * Australia

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