July 27, 2017 One Man's Jazz #1008
Features on the artists of two record labels separated by many miles, but joined by a commitment to supporting creative music:  We Jazz from Helsinki, Finland and Rattle Records in Auckland, New Zealand.
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sun Sail Part 1 * Denmark
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sun Sail Part 2 * Denmark
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sun Sail Part 3 * Denmark
Nicole Johanntgen * Henry - Hofa * Henry * Switzerland
Charles Lloyd New Quartet * Passin’ Thru - Blue Note * Tagore On The Delta * USA
Charles Lloyd New Quartet * Passin’ Thru - Blue Note * Passin’ Thru * USA
Alexander Hawkins * Unit(e) - Indie * (T)each * Grt Britain
Franciszek Pospieszalski * First Level - For Tune * Listopada * Poland
Miroslav Vitous * Music Of Weather Report - ECM * Morning Lake * Czech Rep
  • Hour 2:    (59:54)   LISTEN
Dunstan * Dunstan - We Jazz * Super Slavic * Finland
Jukka Eskola * Soul Trio 2 - We Jazz * For Anne Lee * Finland
Jukka Perko Tritone * Dizzy - We Jazz * ‘Round Midnight * Finland
Jaska Lukkarinen * Origami - We Jazz * Pengerkaulla * Finland
Peter Knight * Way Out West - Jazzhead * Anthony Blaise * Australia
The Dissolute Society * Soldiering On - Babel * Soldiering On/On * Grt Britain
Lucia Cadotsch * Speak Low - Enja/Yellowbird * Speak Low * Switzerland
  • Hour 3:   (59:46)   LISTEN
Jim Langabeer * Secret Islands - Rattle * Tangi * New Zealand
Jim Langabeer * Secret Islands - Rattle * Central Plateau * New Zealand
Reuben Bradley * Shark Variations - Rattle  * Makos and Hammerheads * New Zealand
Richard Nunns * Utterance - Rattle * Begin Again * New Zealand
Jonathan Crayford * East West Moon - Rattle * Yves Noir With The Long Hair Wig * New Zealand
Billy Mintz * Ugly Beautiful - 13th Note * Cannonball * USA
Pauli Lyytinen * Magnetia Orkesteri - We Jazz * Village Fool * Finland
Ben Allison *  Layers Of The City - Sonic Camera * Get Me Offa This Thing * USA

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