June 8, 2017 One Man's Jazz# 1001
Hour Two features music from Minus Zero , a recently formed artists collective concerned with issues of social justice and human rights.  All proceeds from the sale of their recordings go to Planned Parenthood.
  • Hour One:   (59:52)    LISTEN
Pete Cosey * Miles From India - Four Quarters * Miles Runs The Voodoo Down * USA
Linda May Han Oh * Walk Against Wind - Jazzophilia * Ikan Bilis * USA
Harris Eisenstadt & Canada Day * Parade in Parede - Clean Feed * Sometimes You Gotta Ask For What * Canada
Mario Pavone Sextet * Vertical - Clean Feed * Start Oval * USA
Mario Pavone Sextet * Vertical - Clean Feed * Broken * USA
Mario Pavone Sextet * Vertical - Clean Feed * Ellipse * USA
Trish Clowes Quartet * My Iris - Basho * I Canít Find My Other Brush * Grt Britain
Jamie Saft Trio * Loneliness Road - RareNoise * Pinkus * USA
Mostly Other People Do The Killing * Loaferís Hollow - Hot Cup * Kilgore * USA
  • Hour Two:   (59:32)    LISTEN
Diane Moser * For My Mother - Minus Zero * Danciní With The Sparrows * USA
Ben Goldberg - Sheldon Brown & Vijay Anderson * The Reckoning - Minus Zero * We Know Why No One Has Climbed To Pray * USA
Connie Crothers & Virg Dzurinko * Two Piano Quintet - Minus Zero * Two Piano Madness * USA
Lama * The Elephantís Journey - Clean Feed * The Process * Portugal
Andrew DíAngelo Trio * Norman - Indie * Vota Ju Intro * USA
Andrew DíAngelo Trio * Norman - Indie * Vota Ju * USA
Dejan Terzic Axiom * Prometheus - CamJazz * Cobblestones * Germany
Leon Thomas * Blues & The Soulful Truth - Flying Dutchman * Shape Your Mind To Die * USA
  • Hour Three:   (59:59)    LISTEN
Verneri Pohjola * Pekka - Edition * Dragon * Finland
Andrew Cyrille * Declaration of Musical Independence - ECM * Song For Andrew #1 * USA
Francois Carrier * Oneness - FMR * Oneness * Canada
NAK Trio & Arcos * Ambush - ForTune * Expats * Poland
Gorilla Mask * Iron Lung - Clean Feed * Blood Stain * Canada
Golda Solomon * Takiní It To The Hollow - JazzJaunts * Sex Fugue * USA
Jaco Pastorius * Truth Liberty & Soul - Resonance * Three Views Of A Secret * USA
Jaco Pastorius * Truth Liberty & Soul - Resonance * Sophisticated Lady * USA

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