June 1, 2017 -- 1,000th One Man's Jazz
ImageThis show marks the 1,000th edition of One Man's Jazz, which began in the dregs of the last century. From CKUW 95.9 FM in Winnipeg to taintradio.org and always at this website, I have had the ultimate privilege of choosing and playing music by some of the finest musicians from all over the world. Thank you for listening to one, several, or many shows.  I would love your comments, too.
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Nicole Mitchell & The Black Earth Ensemble * Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds - FPE Records * Shiny Divider * USA
Nicole Mitchell & The Black Earth Ensemble * Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds - FPE Records * Time Wrap * USA
Mike Baggetta Quartet * Spectre - Fresh Sound New Talent * Spectre I * USA
Jerry Granelli & Badlands * Crowd Theory - Songlines * Crowd Theory * Canada
Barry Long Quartet * Freedom Songs - Indie * On My Way * USA
Anna Webbe rs Simple Trio * Binary - Skirl * Yore * Canada
Allison Philips Trio * Allison Philips Trio -  Fleaboy * Wheel * USA
Plot * Tightrope  -     WhyPlayJazz *Across The Universe * Germany
  • Hour 2:   (59:56)    LISTEN
Toxic * This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People - ESP-Disk * This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People * USA/Poland
Naoko Sakata Trio * Dreaming Tree - Footprint * Rain * Japan/Sweden
New Jazz Trio * Page One - MPS * Haranga * Germany
New Jazz Trio * Page Two - MPS * Dolbi * Germany
New Jazz Trio * Page Two - MPS * Hommage * Germany
David Binney QuartetThe Time Verses - Criss Cross * Walk * USA
Quinsin Nachoff s Ethereal Trio * Quinsin Nachoffs Ethereal Trio  -   Whirlwind * Clairvoyant Jest * Canada
Rich Brown & Abeng * Abeng  -   Indie * Chant Of The Exiled * Canada
  • Hour 3:   (59:52)   LISTEN
Black Motor * Branches - We Jazz * Blue Eyes Cryin In The Rain * Finland
Black Motor * Rakka/Black Motor - Karkia Mistika * Ich Habe Dich Schon Vergessen * Finland
Billy Mintz * Ugly Beautiful - Thirteenth Note * Retribution * USA
Raoul Bjorkenheim Triad * Beyond - Eclipse Music * Petals * Finland
Wjciński / Szmańda Quartet *  Delusions - Fundacja Sluchaj * Saga Of Dr. Paranoid * Poland
Dominik Wania Trio * Ravel - ForTune * Une Barque Sur LOcan * Poland
Doug Carn   * Infant Eyes - Black Jazz * Infant Eyes * USA

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Taintradio.org is back!  After a nine-or-so months period of dormancy and reorganization, the intrepid band of independent producers have pressed onward with the same mission as before:  independent and unstructured programming, no suits, hired guns and managers, presented by an international group of passionate music mavens dedicated to the music they play.

Taint recognized that its previous audience -- eight plus years of proof and one Internet Radio Station of the Year award -- enjoyed the music, and its goal is to continue in exactly the same direction, and still without ads, commercial sponsorship, and the usual flotsam and jetsam of terrestrial radio.

Taintradio.org has returned to its rightful place as one of the great listening spots on the web and everyone at Taint Radio is hopeful that it will get the same support as before.  Tell your friends about taintradio.org. Check us out now!! (One Man's Jazz as always will still be available at www.onemansjazz.ca, weekly, with a new show heard on taintradio.org Thursday at 9pm ET and  repeated Monday 4 am ET.




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