May 11, 2017 Playlist for Taint Radio Show 002 & #997
This is the show you would have heard last week, but unfortunately the bugs at taintradio.org were still causing some problems. So to keep their schedule and this website co-ordinated, all these great tunes are here for you this week.
  • Hour One:   (59:34)    LISTEN
Cuong Vu 4Tet * Ballet - RareNoise * And On The Third Day * USA
Cuong Vu 4Tet * Ballet - RareNoise * Blue Comedy * USA
Tomasz Stanko New York Quartet * December Avenue - ECM * The Street Of Crocodiles * Poland
Anna Webber ’s Simple Trio * Binary - Skirl * Tug o’War * Canada
Jason Rigby  * One - Fresh Sound * Speak Like A Child * USA
Stephan Crump & Rhombal * Rhombal - Papillon Sounds * Loose Bay * USA
Chris Potter * The Dreamer Is The Dream - ECM * Sonic Anomaly * USA
  • Hour Two:   (59:43)    LISTEN
Gregory Lewis Organ Monk * The Breathe Suite - Indie * Chronicles Of Michael Brown * USA
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Thrill * Denmark
Jagged Spheres * Jagged Spheres II - Indie * Surely Shortly I * US/Canada
Jagged Spheres * Jagged Spheres II - Indie * Surely Shortly II * US/Canada
Dominik Bukowski Quartet * Sufia - Fundacja Sluchaj * Niedaleko Warszawy * Poland
Jurg Wickihalder / Barry Guy / Lucas Niggli * Beyond - Intakt * Relaxing In The Forest * Switzerland
Free Nelson MandoomJazz * The Organ Grinder - RareNoise * Always Go Left In The Maze * Scotland
  • Hour Three:   (60:00)    LISTEN
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Scribble Job Yin Yang * USA
Susanne Abbuehl & Stephan Oliva * Princess - Vision Fugitive * River Chant - Tree People * Switzerland
Charlie Hunter * Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth - Ground Up * Wish I Was Already Paid And On My Way Home * USA
Tony Malaby ’s Paloma Recio * The Incantations Suite - Clean Feed * Hive * USA
Angelica Sanchez Trio * Float The Edge - Clean Feed * What The Birds Tell Me * USA
Michel Pilz & Jean-Noel Cognard * Ressuage - Jazzhausmusik * Portiques Indéformables * Luxembourg
Billy Jones * 3's A Crowd - Acoustical Concepts * John Cage Scared My Dog * USA
Arthur Blythe * Night Songs - Clarity * We See * USA

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Taintradio.org is back!  After a nine-or-so months period of dormancy and reorganization, the intrepid band of independent producers have pressed onward with the same mission as before:  independent and unstructured programming, no suits, hired guns and managers, presented by an international group of passionate music mavens dedicated to the music they play.

Taint recognized that its previous audience -- eight plus years of proof and one Internet Radio Station of the Year award -- enjoyed the music, and its goal is to continue in exactly the same direction, and still without ads, commercial sponsorship, and the usual flotsam and jetsam of terrestrial radio.

Taintradio.org has returned to its rightful place as one of the great listening spots on the web and everyone at Taint Radio is hopeful that it will get the same support as before.  Tell your friends about taintradio.org. Check us out now!! (One Man's Jazz as always will still be available at www.onemansjazz.ca, weekly, with a new show heard on taintradio.org Thursday at 9pm ET and  repeated Monday 4 am ET.




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