March 16, 2017 Playlist for Show #990
Image  The very influential and noted bassist Miroslav Vitous was honoured last year as a European Jazz Legend.  A series of live concerts in Gutersloh, Germany with recording of performances has been taking place for the past few years.  Some of Europe's most influential and noted jazz musicians have been honoured in such fashion.  Check out his quintet in the first part of this week's show.
  • Part 1:   (59:18)    LISTEN
Noah Preminger Quartet * Meditations On Freedom - Indie * Just The Way It Is * USA
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Dream In A Mirror * USA
Matteo Bortone Travellers * Time Images - Auand * Sunday Supermarket * Italy
Miroslav Vitous * Ziljabu Nights - Intuition * Ziljabe * Czech Repub.
Miroslav Vitous * Ziljabu Nights - Intuition * Gloria’s Step * Czech Repub.
Miroslav Vitous * Ziljabu Nights - Intuition * Miro Bop * Czech Repub.
Lisa Parrott * Round Tripper - Serious Niceness * Round Trip * USA
Adam Rudolph ’s Moving Pictures * Glare Of The Tiger - M.O.D. Technologies * Rotations * USA
  • Part 2:   (56:57)    LISTEN
Augusti Fernandez & Ad Libitum Ensemble * River Tiger Fire - Fundacja Sluchaz * Part VII * Spain/Poland
Augusti Fernandez & Ad Libitum Ensemble * River Tiger Fire - Fundacja Sluchaz * Part VIII * Spain/Poland
Zur Schonen Aussicht * Willkommen Zuhause - WhyPlayJazz * Kritische Masse * Germany
Arthur Blythe * Lenox Avenue Breakdown  - Columbia * Lenox Avenue Breakdown * USA
Francois Carrier - Michel Lambert - Alexey Lapin * Freedom Is Space For The Spirit - FMR * Keep Calm * Canada
J.A.S.S. * Mix Of Sun And Clouds - Yolk * Roman 1 * France
J.A.S.S. * Mix Of Sun And Clouds - Yolk * Roman 2 * France
  • Part 3:   (63:24)    LISTEN
Chicago-London Underground      * A Night of Walking Through Mirrors - Cuneiform * Something Must Happen * USA/Grt Britain
Muriel Grossman Quartet * Natural Time - Dreamland * Peace For All * Austria
Qüntet * Mots Croisés - Yolk * Une Journée Compliquée * France
Joe Fiedler * Like Strange - Multiphonics Music * Yinz * USA
Giulio Stermieri Trio * Stopping - Auand * Ida Lupino * Italy
Bill Laswell -Hideo Yamaki -Dave Douglas * Drawing Center - M.O.D. Technologies * Drawing Center (excerpt) * USA

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