February 16, 2017 Playlist for Show #986
Lots of new releases this week, from the edge in the form of the trios of Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock and Cory Smythe and Ellery Eskelin, Christian Weber and Michael Griener to political stances taken by Noah Preminger, Cat Toren and Angles 9 to the spiritual from Austrian saxophonist Muriel Grossmann.  And more new music from pianist Satoko Fujii, too.
Gavin Templeton Quartet * Ballast - Orenda * The Program * USA
Mary Halvorson Octet * Away With You - Firehouse 12 * Safety Orange * USA
Living Things * Upwind Circles - Barefoot * Krigersaga * Denmark
Angles 9 * Disappeared Behind The Sun - Clean Feed * Disappeared Behind The Sun * Sweden
Noah Preminger Quartet * Mediations On Freedom - Indie * Mother Earth * USA
Taylor Haskins * Gnosis - Indie * Artificial Scarcity * USA
Stephan Crump Ingrid Laubrock & Cory Smythe * Planktonic Finales - Intakt * Three-Panel * USA
Stephan Crump Ingrid Laubrock & Cory Smythe * Planktonic Finales - Intakt * Tones For Climbing Plants * USA
  • Part 2:   (58:14)    LISTEN
Cat Toren * Human Kind - Indie * Regression * Canada
Roots Magic * Hoodoo Blues - Clean Feed * A Call For All Demons * Italy
Arketypos Trio * Arketypos - Alfamusic * Electric Riot * Italy
Shake Stew * Golden Fang - Traumton * Stone of Mu Part I * Austria
Shake Stew * Golden Fang - Traumton * Stone of Mu Part II * Austria
Shake Stew * Golden Fang - Traumton * Stone of Mu Part III * Austria
Jean Claude Oleksiak Quartet * A Ciel Ouvert -  La Fabrica'son * La Contrebasse Grimace * France
Ellery Eskelin / Michael Griener & Christian Weber * Sensations Of Tone - Intakt * Ditmas Avenue * USA/Austria
  • Part 3:   (63:52)    LISTEN
Muriel Grossmann Quartet * Natural Time - Dreamland * African Dance * Austria
Muriel Grossmann Quartet * Earth Tones - Dreamland * Hope * Austria
Dejan Terzic Axiom * Prometheus - CamJazz * New Parasomnia * Germany
Gaetano Partipilo * Auand Meets New York 2011 - Auand * 12 In Sogliano * Italy
Angles 9 * Disappeared Behind The Sun - Clean Feed * Love Flee Thy House (in Breslau) * Sweden
Satoko Fujii * Invisible Hand - Cortez Sound *  I Know You Donít Know * Japan
Satoko Fujii * Invisible Hand - Cortez Sound * Inori * Japan

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Taintradio.org is coming back!  Yes, indeed!  After a nine or so months period of dormancy and reorganization, the intrepid band of independent producers are coming back to the galaxy with the same mission as before:  independent and unstructured programming, no suits, hired guns and managers, presented by an international group of passionate music mavens dedicated to the music they play.

Taint Radio has undergone a shift in the structure of the alliance;  it will be more of a co-operative to ease the burden of the organizers, and it's making other subtle changes that won't affect the programming.  Taint has been going through some beta testing processes and is currently streaming some older shows while the actual broadcast schedule comes together.

Taint recognized that its previous audience -- eight plus years of proof and one Internet Radio Station of the Year award -- enjoyed the music, and its goal is to continue in exactly the same direction, and still without ads, commercial sponsorship, and the usual flotsam and jetsam of terrestrial radio.

Everyone working to get taintradio.org back to its rightful place as one of the great listening spots on the web is hopeful that it will get the same support as before.  Tell your friends about taintradio.org. Check us out now!! (One Man's Jazz as always will still be available at www.onemansjazz.ca. )


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One Man's Jazz is heading back to taintradio.org, but nothing much is going to change at www.onemansjazz.ca.  The shows will be available here as well.  And yes the One Man's Jazz Facebook page will continue with show previews and postings of note.  So there will be some options to listen to One Man's Jazz.  Stream or save shows at this site, or listen via taintradio.org.  Either way, the content is as it should be:  about the music and the musicians who make it.  

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