February 9, 2017 Playlist for Show #985
Julia Kadel
The first part of this week's show is heavy on Polish musicians -- recent releases of some very fine music.  Part two shines a spotlight on some very talented women:  the Jensen sisters, Christine and Ingrid, and German rising star pianist Julia Kadel and her trio.  Alto saxophonist Michael Attias' newest release opens part three.  It's a good show.  Enjoy!
Wojcinski-Szmanda Quartet * Delusions - Fundacja Sluchaj * Fatal Desire * Poland
Mateusz Gaweda Trio * Overnight Tales - Audio Cave * Onintnarat * Poland
Marek Kadziela & ADHD * In Bloom - For-Tune * Waltz 4 * Poland
Dominik Bukowski Quartet * Sufia - Fundacja Sluchaj * Bring Me The Light * Poland
Adam Pieronczyk * Monte Alban - indie * Eye Of the Jaguar * Poland
Pegapofo * Swiezosc - For-Tune * Swiezosc (Alternate Take) * Poland
  • Part 2:   (57:44)   LISTEN
Christine & Ingrid Jensen * Infinitude - Whirlwind * Duo Space * Canada
Christine & Ingrid Jensen * Infinitude - Whirlwind * Old Time * Canada
Mikko Innanen & Simo Laihonen * April Fools - Eclipse Music * Smokin’ At JJ’s * Finland
Jim Black ’s Malamute * Malamute - Intakt  * Stray * USA
Jim Black’s Malamute * Malamute - Intakt * Sought After * USA
A Conrad Trio * Screaming While Playing - Orenda * Someday You Will Die And Somehow Something’s Gonna Steal Your Carbon * USA
Gavin Templeton * Ballast - Orenda * Fortresses * USA
Julia Kadel Trio * Uber Und Unter - BlueNote * Schlafabtausch * Germany
Julia Kadel Trio * Uber Und Unter - BlueNote * Unter De Erde * Germany
Julia Kadel Trio * Uber Und Unter - BlueNote * Im Anflug * Germany
  • Part 3:   (62:52)   LISTEN
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Darknet * USA
Michael Attias Quartet * Nerve Dance - Clean Feed * Le Pese-Nerfs * USA
Pascal Niggenkemper * Upcoming Hurricane - NoBusiness * Arbol De Piedra * Germany
Charles Lloyd * Masters Of War - Indie * Masters Of War * USA
Miguel Zenon Quartet * Tipico - Miel Music * Corteza * USA
Dr. Mint * Voices In The Void - Orenda * n-Drift * USA
Kasper Tom 5 * I Do Admire Things That Are Only What They Are - Barefoot * Play Or Die * Denmark
Stefan Aeby Trio * To The Light - Intakt * To The Light * Switzerland

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Taint Radio going but One Man's Jazz to continue

As of July 1, 2016 taintradio.org will no longer be available.  After 8 years of demonstrating successfully that independent and unstructured programming -- unfettered by suits, hired guns, and managers -- works.  We at Taint Radio are sad to see it go, but equally proud of what we've been able to accomplish.  Major props to Bob Rogers, the creator and heart of Taint Radio for his dedication and passion.  We, the programmers, salute you. And we salute you, the discerning listeners to Taint Radio, for your support.    One Man's Jazz will continue at this website with new presentations weekly.  Keep tuning in.  Tell your friends!  More news to follow.  



Presenting Phase 3 of One Man's Jazz.  First, twelve and a half years at CKUW, then Taint Radio for four and a half, and now this website will host the show.  The goal is to keep the music rolling, with a new presentation weekly.  You'll notice a few tweaks to the way the playlists are presented as well.   And yes there's now a Facebook page for One Man's Jazz. Watch for weekly posts there with news about the show, playlists, and other interesting items.

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