February 2, 2017 Playlist for Show #984

ImageAnother discovery from the rather deep well of Polish talent highlights this week's show:  "Delusions" from the Wójciński-Szmanda Quartet.  It's one of those things that happened without planning:  three brothers talking about getting together and playing, to see where each was musically, after they had all been pursuing their own directions.  Then they added a drummer. Next thing you know there's magic happening and a recording results that blew my socks off.  I hope you like it as much as I do.

 As always there's much, much more to interest you.  Enjoy!

Liya Grigoryan Trio * Liya Grigoryan Trio - Fleaboy * Bliss * Armenia
Dinamitri Jazz Folklore * La Societa delle Maschere - Rudi * Acqua * Italy
Led Bib * Umbrella Weather - RareNoise * Ceasefire * Grt Britain
Wójciński - Szmanda Quartet * Delusions - Fundacja Sluchaj * Flood * Poland
Moskus * Ulv Ulv - Hubromusic * Chimes Gullregen * Norway
Yelena Eckemoff * Blooming Tall Phlox - L & H Prod. * Sleeping In Tent * USA
Daniel Herskedal * The Roc - Edition * The Afrit * Norway
Daniel Herskedal * The Roc - Edition * There Are Three Things You Cannot Hide... * Norway
Francois Carrier - Michel Lambert - Alexey Lapin *  Freedom Is Space For The Spirit - FMR * Nevsky Prospect * Canada/Russia
Knutdut Men * Dunno - BMC * Kukoté * Hungary
Nicolas Kummert * Diversité - Edition * Lighthouse * Belgium
Michel Lambert * Alom Mola - Jazz From Rant * Caravaggio Ténčbres et Lumičres * Canada
Noah Preminger Quartet * Meditations On Freedom - Indie * Only A Pawn In Their Game * USA
Phronesis   * The Behemoth - Edition * Stillness * Grt Britain
Tony Cattano * Naca - Aut Records * Erva Mate * Italy
No-Arm * Generate The Animal - Indie * Bunny Wolves * Grt Britain
Knuckleball * Knuckleball - Gold Bolus * Snow * USA
Wadada Leo Smith * America’s National Parks - Cuneiform * Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks: The Giant Forest Great Canyon Cliffs Peaks Waterfalls and Cave Systems 1890 * USA
Maarten Hogenhuis * Mimicry - Indie * Sonder * Netherlands
Wójciński -_ Szmanda Quartet * Delusions - Fundacja Sluchaj * Voices Of Nature * Poland
Noah Preminger Quartet * Meditations On Freedom - Indie * A Change Is Gonna Come * USA

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