August 25, 2016 Playlist for Show #961
ImageLots of great music this week -- from Chicago, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Warsaw, France with an interview with tenor saxophonist Mark Fox talking about his music, his "comeback" and Three Octaves Under The Sun, his debut album.
  • Part One:  (58:25)   LISTEN
Weather Report * Mysterious Traveler - Columbia * Scarlet Woman * USA
Miroslav Vitous * Music Of Weather Report - ECM * Scarlet Woman Variations * Czech Repub.
Greg Ward * Touch My Belovedís Thought - Greenleaf * The Menacing Lean * USA
Greg Ward * Touch My Belovedís Thought - Greenleaf * Smash Push Pull Crash * USA
Lisa Mezzacappa & Darren Johnston * Shipwreck 4 - NoBusiness * The Storm We See The Sea We Saw * USA
Charlie Hunter * Everybody Has A Plan Until They Get Punched In The Mouth - Ground Up * I Wish I Was Paid And Already On My Way Home * USA
Federica Colangelo * Chiaroscuro - Alfa Music * Contemporary Solution * Italy
CBG * Les Indignťs - TryTone * Parcelas Designales * Netherlands
Peter Erskine Trio * As It Is - ECM * Woodcocks * USA
  • Part Two:   (51:22)   LISTEN
Mark Fox Quartet * Three Octaves Above The Sun - Cherry Sound * One For JC * USA
Interview with Mark Fox *
Mark Fox Quartet * Three Octaves Above The Sun - Cherry Sound * Bamako Nights * USA
Moonbow * Moonbow - Ilk * Fish * Denmark
NAK Trio * The Other Side Of If - Double Moon * The Other Side Of If * Poland
  • Part Three:   (52:42)    LISTEN
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sunsail Part 1 * Denmark
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sunsail Part 2 * Denmark
Mount Meander * Mount Meander - Clean Feed * Sunsail Part 3 * Denmark
Michael Jefry Stevens * Brass Tactics - Konnex * Ping Pong * USA
Peter Kuhn Trio * The Other Shore - NoBusiness * Beginning Anew * USA
Mike Baggetta * Spectre - Fresh Sound New Talent * Nasty * USA
Hubert Dupont & Golan * Golan - Ultrabolic * Turquoise * France

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