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July 7, 2016 Playlist for Show #954

Let's call this the beginning of Phase 3 of One Man's Jazz.  First CKUW, then taintradio.org, and now the show website as the platform for creating vital and important music.  You'll notice a few changes in the playlists:  Each new one will have a number, and that's the running total of shows I've done since starting at CKUW.  Each part (not hour) will show the length of each part, the artist's country of origin, and lastly, I'm going back to attaching artists' URLs as a courtesy to them for making their music available.   Plus, One Man's Jazz now has a Facebook page.  Check it out. 

Noah Preminger * Dark Was The Night Cold Was The Ground - Indie * Hard Times Killin’ Floor Blues * USA
Matt Wilson * Beginning Of A Memory - Palmetto * Feel The Sway * USA
Matt Wilson * Beginning Of A Memory - Palmetto * Schoolboy Thug * USA
Kamau Daa’ood * Leimert Park - MAMA * Tears * USA
Dave Hassell Quintet * As It Comes - Indie * Tax Bracket * USA
Dave Hassell Quintet * As It Comes - Indie * Looking Up * USA
Jason Adasiewicz & Keefe Jackson * Rows And Rows - Delmark *  Caballo Ballo * USA
Enrique Haneine * Instants Of Time - Elegant Walk * The Tear And Smile Of An Angel * Mexico
Ron Stabinsky * Free For One - Hot Cup * Rapture * USA
Kirk Knuffke & Michael Bisio * Row For William O - Relative Pitch * Oh See OC * USA
Peter Kuhn * The Other Shore - No Business * Not Two * USA
Zanussi 5 * Live In Coimbra - Clean Feed * All Wrath * Norway
KontraSax * 25 Years KontraSax & Friends Live - Jazzhausmusik * Sayò * Germany
KontraSax * 25 Years KontraSax & Friends Live - Jazzhausmusik * Suite: Knotrabass oder die Kunst des Reisens * Germany
Vijay Iyer * Blood Sutra - Artists House * Imagined Nations * USA
Tyshawn Sorey * The Inner Spectrum Of Variables For Double Trio - Pi * Reverie * USA
Adam Kolker * Flag Day - Sunnyside * Gnash * USA
Kahil El’Zabar Trio * Love Outside Of Dreams - Delmark * One World Family * USA
The Out Louds * The Out Louds - Relative Pitch * Pink Home Run * USA
Alberto Pinton * Resiliency - Moserobie * L’Aquilone * Sweden
Michael Attias & Renku * Live In Greenwich Village - Clean Feed * Lurch * USA

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One Man's Jazz is heading back to taintradio.org, but nothing much is going to change at www.onemansjazz.ca.  The shows will be available here as well.  And yes the One Man's Jazz Facebook page will continue with show previews and postings of note.  So there will be some options to listen to One Man's Jazz.  Stream or save shows at this site, or listen via taintradio.org.  Either way, the content is as it should be:  about the music and the musicians who make it.  

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