January 22, 2015 Playlist for taintradio.org

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Rudresh Mahanthappa * Bird Calls - Act * Chillin’
Antonio Sanchez * Three Times Three - Cam Jazz * Fall
Porta Palace Collective * Porta Palace Collective - Rudi * Old Fashioned
Antonio Quintino * Prologo - Indie * Urso Bipolar
Lester Bowie * The Great Pretender - ECM * Rios Negroes
Gianluca Petrella * Il Bidone: Omaggio a Nino Rota - Spacebone * La Dolce Vita – via Veneto e i nobili La bella malinconica Cadillac 1
David Friedman * Weaving Through Motion - Traumton * Almost Blue
  • Hour Two:    PLAY
Oblik * Order Disorder - Ormo * Le Chat
Russ Johnson * Still Out To Lunch - Enja * Little Blue Devil
No Pair * Chaos and Order - Long Song * Sliding Snikers
Daniel Carter/William Parker/Frederico Ughi * Navajo Sunrise - Rudi * Navajo Sunrise
Tomas Fujiwara Trio * Variable Bets - Relative Pitch * The Comb
De Beren Gieren * A Raveling - Indie * Slippery Men On The Riverbank
  • Hour Three:    PLAY
Juan Pablo Carletti * Niño/Brujo - No Business * Lateral Thinking
Tomasz Dabrowski Tom Trio * Radical Moves - For-Tune * Radical Moves
Tomasz Dabrowski Tom Trio * Radical Moves - For-Tune * Mornings
Hypercolor * Hypercolor - Tzadik Spotlight * Quixotic
Arild Andersen * Mira - ECM * Le Saleya
Sam Rivers * Contours - Blue Note * Point Of Many Returns
Andrew Drury * Content Provider - Soup And Sound * The Band Is A Drum
Antonio Quintino * Prologo - Indie * Boda’s Groove

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 Taintradio.org is one of the great listening spots on the web.  The intrepid band of independent producers have pressed onward with the same mission from day 1:  independent and unstructured programming, with no suits, hired guns and managers, presented by an international group of passionate-about-improvised music mavens dedicated to the music they play.

Taint Radio is in its tenth year (with one hiatus to retool and re-energize), with one Internet Radio Station of the Year Award, and a constant goal to present original programming 24/7, without ads, commercial sponsorship and the usual flotsam and jetsam of terrestrial radio. Our only financial support is you, the listener, via the Tip Jar on our website.

One Man’s Jazz has been part of Taint Radio since January 2012 and revels in the freedom to program whatever it wants.  A new show is heard each week at taintradio.org on Thursday at  9 pm ET, repeated Mondays at 4 am ET.  Check the Taint Radio schedule for other time slots for archived shows. The One Man’s Jazz website keeps about ten months of shows and playlists for your convenience.

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PS:  you can now find One Man's Jazz on mixcloud.com and allaboutjazz.com.



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