2014 Favourite Recordings & January 1, 2015 Playlist

The One Manís Jazz 14 Favourites for Ď14 - in alphabetical order & with links                                                                                                                                                                                     (See below for Jan. 1st show play list)

Bobby Avey   //   Authority Melts From Me //    Whirlwind
John Coltrane    //  Offering: Live at Temple U.  //   Resonance
Piotr Damasiewicz Quartet   //  Mnemotaksja     //      ForTune (Poland)
Christoph Irniger Pilgrim  //   Italian Circus Story  //   Intakt (Switzerland)
Keith Jarrett, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian   //   Hamburg Ď72   //  ECM
Russ Johnson   //  Still Out To Lunch   //   Enja
Steve Lehman Octet   //  Mise En Abime  //   Pi
Tony Malaby Tamarindo Trio   //  Somos Agua   //  Clean Feed
Emile Parisien Quartet   //   Spezial Snack   //  ACT (France)
Wadada Leo Smith   //   Great Lakes Suites  //   TUM
Wadada Leo Smith , Jamie Saft et al  //   Red Hill  //   Rare Noise
Vinnie Sperrazza   //   Apocryphal   //  Loyal
David Virelles   //   Mboko  //   ECM
Anna Webbe r  //   Simple   //  Skirl (Canada)

And More Extremely Meritorious Recordings On My List Of 2014 Favourites:

De Beren Gieren & Susan Santos Silva // The Detour Fish // Clean Feed (Belgium & Portugal)
Tom Chang   // Tongue & Groove  // Burnt Toast
Sylvie Courvoisier -Mark Feldman Quartet  // Birdies For Lulu  // Intakt (Switzerland & US)
Noah Garabedian   // Big Butter and The Egg Men  // BJU
The Grip   // Celebrate  // Slowfoot (UK)
Max Johnson // The Prisoner // No Business
Russ Johnson  // Meeting Point // Relay
Diane Moser // Music For The Last Flower // Planet Arts
Daniel Rosenboom // Fire Keeper // Orenda
Trio 3 & Vijay Iyer   // Wiring // Intakt
Dan Weiss // Fourteen // Pi    

After 52 shows and 1226 tracks played, the above were plucked (after careful listening) from 603 different recordings played on One Manís Jazz in 2014 (and Iím not counting the ones that I gave up on after 30 seconds) by 501 different artists and groups.  That music came from 28 different countries and 236 different labels plus 56 distinct indie recordings.

The recordings which contributed the most tracks to the show were: Coin Coin II Mississippi Moon Chile (Matana Roberts) 17, Check Cashing Day (Bobby Watson) 15, Rite of Spring (The Bad Plus) 11, Sounds of Space And Structure (John Escreet & Evan Parker) 9, Birdies For Lulu (Sylvie Courvoisier - Mark Feldman Quartet) 8, Mise En Abime (Steve Lehman Octet) 7, Beating The Teens - Songs of Steve Lacy (Ideal Bread) 7, and eight other albums with 6.

Most played artists were Matana Roberts 18 tracks, Mary Halvorson 17, The Bad Plus 16, Bobby Watson 15, Waclaw Zimpel 12, Wadada Leo Smith 11, Diane Moser, John Escreet and Ivo Perelman with 10 each, Tomasz Dabrowski 9, and Trichotomy, Russ Johnson, Sylvie Courvoiser/Mark Feldman, and David Virelles with 8 each.

Music came from around the world: besides the obvious country Ė the US with 710 tracks Ė the other top ten contributors were Canada with 89, France 60, United Kingdom 59, Poland 56, Germany 38, Switzerland 35, Finland 30, Norway 25, and Sweden with 21.

Labels supplying all of this content were ECM with 52 tracks, Intakt 46, Clean Feed 39, Cuneiform 38, ForTune 26, Fresh Sound New Talent 25, Sunnyside 23, Relative Pitch 21, NoBusiness 21, Songlines 20, and Whirlwind 20.  Of those 12 labels, seven are from Europe. Draw your own conclusions.

I expect 2015 to be filled with just as more or more exciting musical discoveries.  TUNE IN!!!

Playlist for tonight's show:

Christoph Irniger Pilgrim * Italian Circus Story - Intakt * Mondays
Vinnie Sperrazza * Apocryphal - Loyal * Apocryphal
Russ Johnson * Still Out To Lunch - Enja * Out To Lunch
Bobby Avey * Authority Melts From Me - Whirlwind * Kalfou
Max Johnson * The Prisoner - NoBusiness * X04
Dan Weiss * Fourteen - Pi * Part One
Tom Chang * Tongue and Groove - Burnt Toast * Tongue And Groove

  • Hour Two:    PLAY

Rudresh Mahanthappa * Bird Calls - Act Music * On The DL
Anna Webber * Simple - Skirl * Washington
Keith Jarrett * Hamburg Ď72 - ECM * Everything That Lives Laments
John Coltrane * Offering - Resonance * Naima
Piotr Damasiewicz Quartet * Mnemotaksja - ForTune * Solus
Massimo De Mattia Quartet * Hypermodern - Rudi * Lands Beyond

  • Hour Three:    PLAY

Emile Parisien Quartet * Spezial Snack - Act Music * Les Flics De La Police
Wadada Leo Smith & Jamie Saft * Red Hill - RareNoise * Debts Of Honour
Steve Lehman Octet * Mise En Abime - Pi * Chimera/Luchini
Wadada Leo Smith * The Great Lakes Suites - TUM * Lake St. Clair
Tony Malaby Tamarindo * Somos Agua - Clean Feed * Bitter Dream
David Virelles * Mboko - ECM * Wind Rose
David Virelles * Mboko - ECM * Seven Through The Divination Horn


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