January 16, 2014 Playllst for taintradio.org
An interview with Tony Zawinul on this show, talking about all things Weather Report and Joe Zawinul, sparked by the upcoming documentary film, Calm Before The Storm , which Tony is directing. He's also working on one with his father, Joe Zawinul, as the subject.  This is music close to my heart and we have a great chat.
Pixel * We Are All Small Pixels - Cuneiform * Be Mine
Christoph Irniger Trio * Gowanus Canal - Intakt * Burnout
Ramberto Ciammarughi * New Music For Trio - CamJazz * Anabasys
Kennedy/McLeod Quartet * Belaney’s Secret - Indie * Pointin’ At It
Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble * Seven Doors - Indie * All Blues
Anna Webber * Percussive Mechanics - Pirouet * Sleeping Is Giving In
Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord * Liverevil - Hot Cup * On Jacation
Johnny Adams * One Foot In The Blues - RounderOne Foot In The Blues
Hera with Hamid Drake * Seven Lines - Multikulti * Temples of Tibet
Adam Pieronczyk * The Planet Of Eternal Life - Jazzwerkstadt * Tell Me Anything About Your Life Mr. Buk
Claudia Quintet * September - Cuneiform * Somber Blanket
Soren Bebe * Eva - From Out Here Music * Flying High
Greg Ward * Phonic Juggernaut - 19/8 * Velvet Lounge Shut In
Tatvamasi * Pieces of Entirety - Cuneiform * Unsettled Cyclists’ Peloton
O.D.D. * Liberte 54 - Justin Time * Liberte 54
Interview with Tony Zawinul
Weather Report * Black Market - Columbia * Gibraltar
Weather Report * Weather Report - Columbia * Orange Lady
Mary Halvorson Septet * Illusionary Sea - Firehouse 12 * Smiles of Great Men
Liberty Ship * Approaching  - Eclipse Music * Fast Waves



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Taintradio.org is back!  After a nine-or-so months period of dormancy and reorganization, the intrepid band of independent producers have pressed onward with the same mission as before:  independent and unstructured programming, no suits, hired guns and managers, presented by an international group of passionate music mavens dedicated to the music they play.

Taint recognized that its previous audience -- eight plus years of proof and one Internet Radio Station of the Year award -- enjoyed the music, and its goal is to continue in exactly the same direction, and still without ads, commercial sponsorship, and the usual flotsam and jetsam of terrestrial radio.

Taintradio.org has returned to its rightful place as one of the great listening spots on the web and everyone at Taint Radio is hopeful that it will get the same support as before.  Tell your friends about taintradio.org. Check us out now!! (One Man's Jazz as always will still be available at www.onemansjazz.ca, weekly, with a new show heard on taintradio.org Thursday at 9pm ET and  repeated Monday 4 am ET.




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