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February 12, 2011 Playlist
Thanks to all the pledges of support and donations to CKUW that came in during One Man's Jazz.  And props to the artists who also helped with the show, and to Alexis Cuadrao and Peter Lutek for making themselves for interviews about their fantastic new recordings. Remember, you can always make a pledge to CKUW anytime.

These were the tunes played on the Fundrive Show. The order might be messed up a bit.

 Joe Zawinul   *  Faces & Places  -  ESC  *  The Search
Abraham Inc  *  Tweet Tweet  -  Label Bleu  *  Moskowitz & Loops of it
Rinsethealgorithm  *  Locutions  -  ind  *  Forward Motion
Stephane Kerecki Trio   *  Focus Danse  -  Zig Zag  *  Valse
Ben Goldberg  *  Go Home  -  Bag  *  Wazee
Bobby Avey  *  A New Face  -  JayDell  *  In Retreat
Alexis Cuadrado  *  Noneto Iberico  -  BJU  *  Very Well
Meadow  *  Blissful Ignorance  -  Edition  *  Blissful Ignorance
Denis Colin  *  Something In Common  -  Nato  *  Woman of the Ghetto
Universal Quartet  *  Universal Quartet  -  Blackout  *  47th St. Breakdown
Donny Hathaway  *  Everything Is Everything  -  Atlantic  *  Misty
Dave Douglas Golden Heart Quartet  *  Live @ Marciac 2007  -    *  Elephantasy
Engine  *  Start  -  Pet Mantis  *  Folksing
Marcus Shelby  *  Soul of the Movement  -  Porto Franco  *  Black Cab
David Binney  *  Graylen Epicentre  -  Mythology  *  Any Years Costume
Adam Pieronczyk  *  El Buscador  -  Jazz Werkstatt  *  Ivolginsky Dacan


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One Man's Jazz is heading back to taintradio.org, but nothing much is going to change at www.onemansjazz.ca.  The shows will be available here as well.  And yes the One Man's Jazz Facebook page will continue with show previews and postings of note.  So there will be some options to listen to One Man's Jazz.  Stream or save shows at this site, or listen via taintradio.org.  Either way, the content is as it should be:  about the music and the musicians who make it.  

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