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2010 In Review & Top Picks
Here's a look at my favourite releases of 2010 and a few other bits of info.

My Favourite Recordings of 2010:

Stephane Kerecki Trio -  Houria (Zig Zag) - France
Who?  Kerecki's a fantastic bassist from France whose trio of saxophonist Matthieu Donarier and Drummer Thomas Grimmonprez s excellent in and of itself, but with the addition of the brilliant Tony Malaby trading sax parts with Donarier, the icing was on the cake early. No truth to the rumour that I must pick a bassist-led recording, although it's beginning to look that way.Cool

Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green - Apex (Pi)
Rudresh told me he wanted to do this recording years ago.  I knew of Bunky from an old Chicago connection of mine, Tommy Ponce, who aved about Bunky.  This cd was a match made in heaven. and Jack DeJohnette is in the house!!

John Escreet - Don't Fight The Inevitable (Mythology)
Youngish English pianist now living in New York.  Escreet is fearless. A great band with some of the current scenes' monsters in David Binney, Ambrose Akinmusire, Matt Brewer, Nasheet Waits. Produced by Binney.
Adam Pieronczyk Quartet - El Buscador (Jazzwerkstadt) Poland

Another who?  Polish tenor/soprano player with vast repertoire and fabulous compositions.  With Adrian Mears on trombone and didgeridoo, Anthony Cox bass, and fine Polish drummer Krzysztof Dziedzic.  I amconstantly retrieving this from my wife who is as enamored with it as I.

Bobby Avey - A New Face (Jay Dell)
The next great pianist? Avey's blessed with touch, compositional brilliance and the sense to tap on Dave    Liebman on some of the tunes.  A friend recommended this to me. It had slipped past my security!!!

Peter Van Huffel Quartet - Like The Rusted Key (Fresh Sound New Talent) - Can. Content
One for the home country.  Van Huffel is an alto player.  Very edgy and original in sound and style.  Great quartet with another young pianist to watch Jesse Stacken from Mpls.  Canadian Miles Perkin bass, Swiss drummer Samuel Rohrer.  Peter and Miles are now  living in Berlin.

Scott Colley - Empire (Cam Jazz)
My propensity for bassist-led sessions continues.  Scott Colley graces any band he plays with, but he saves his best for his own productions. He brings out the jam in Bill Frisell who rarely digs in like this anymore. Ralph Alessi trumpet, Brian Blade drums and Craig Taborn piano.  Exquisite. Tasty.

Dave Douglas & Keystone - Spark of BeingBurst (Greenleaf)
The third of the Spark of Being trilogy from Dave, with music that didn't make the cut for the movie score. Hmm.  I enjoyed these tracks collectively more than the first two parts.  Some of Dave D's most creative moments of late with his current band.

Nels Cline Singers - Inititate (Cryptogramophone)

Cline is not just a chops-meister on guitar. His compositions here are brilliant and he had the sense to put the live tracks on a separate disc.  Much to like.

The Claudia Quintet - Royal Toast (Cuneiform)
Very unique concept.  John Hollenbeck never fails to impress with this group.

Also really liked
Dual Identity (Rudresh Mahanthappa & Steve Lehman) - Dual Identity (Clean Feed)
Jason Robinson - The Two Faces of Janus (Cuneiform-Rune)
Myra Melford's Be Bread - The Whole Tree Gone (Firehouse 12)
Amir Elsaffar & Hafez Modirzadeh  - Radif Suite (Pi)
Owen Howard - Drum Lore (BJU Records) Can. Content
Thomson Kneeland - Mazurka For A Modern Man (Weltschmerz Records)
Tony Malaby's Apparitions - Voladores (Clean Feed)
John Hébert - Spiritual Lover (Clean Feed)
Michael Musillami Trio - Old Tea (Playscape)
The Bad Plus - Never Stop (Do The Math)
Michael Blake's Hellbent - Hellbent (Ind.) Can. Content
Mary Halvorson Quintet - Saturn Sings (Firehouse 12)
Henry Threadgill Zooid - This Brings Us To (volume 2) (Pi)
Carlos Barretto Lokomotiv - Labirintos (Clean Feed) - Portugal

 I'll be playing these throughout the month of January.


Most played Artists:
Rudresh Mahanthappa, Steve Lehman, Stephan Kerecki, Dave Douglas, Michael Blake, Quinsin Nachoff
Most Played Recordings:
Nels Cline Singers “Initiate”, Tommy Babin’s Benzene “Your Body Is Your Prison”, Drumheller “Glint”,                       Peter Van Huffel “Like The Rusted Key”, Peter Epstein “Abstract Realism”
Most Played Labels: Clean Feed 34, Drip Audio 27, Fresh Sound New Talent 21, ECM 20, Pi 19
Countries: music from 28 different countries - US 468 tracks, Canada 270, France 45, Norway 34, UK 22, Poland 19, Australia 19, Denmark 15 (Total of 967 tracks played on 47 shows).
CKUW Archives: # 4 downloaded show, # 5 streamed show
Most played title: Forward Motion - from Quinsin Nachoff, Rinse the Algorithm, Peter Madsen, Owen Howard/Andrew Rathbun – that’s a good name for a show if I ever decided to change of name of the show.

 Gotta love that "sort" function in spreadsheets.


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