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Bassist Stanley Clarke once uttered these words in 2007: ďOne man's jazz is another man's something else.Ē Too late, Stanley, I was already living that life. I began producing One Manís Jazz in 1999 for CKUW 95.9 FM in Winnipeg, and stayed there until the end of 2011 when I found the need for a change of scene. That turned out to be a very familiar place Ė my basement.

I picked up the necessary gear and with some trepidation started producing and recording the show for taintradio.org . (One can get spoiled broadcasting out of a radio studio.) I went digital and global.

Taintradio.org is an international alliance of independent producers. Most of us have radio station experience. Each volunteer host is autonomous and we present whatever we want. If you like eclectic broadcasting and adventurous music, taintradio.org is the place for you. We donít do on-air fundraising and there are no commercials, but we are listener-supported via an on-line tip jar. Itís a 24/7 site with programs originating from Chicago, Raleigh, Boston, NYC, London, Philadelphia, San Diego, Lansing, Winnipeg, New Haven, Amherst [MA] and St. Croix, V.I.

Each new show drops every Thursday night at 9 pm eastern with a repeat on Monday at 4 am eastern.  The taintradio plays older shows;  check their schedule .

What you wonít find at taintradio.org are accessible archived shows Ė for that head check out the weekly playlists or the radio player on the bottom right of the main page.

 What kind of music do I play on One Man's Jazz?  

I have veered away from playing much mainstream or historical jazz, because I think this creative music must move forward and grow, so I do tend to look for new recordings, new artists, jazz from around the world in all its flavours. I try to play unexpected music for the unaware. The music played might range from Dave Douglas to the Art Ensemble of Chicago to Nguyen Le to Charlie Hunter to members of the Jazz Composers' Collective to Bill Frisell to David Binney to NOJO, and from E.S.T. to Dave Holland to Sam Rivers to the AACM to some quartet from Slovenia -- whichever way the muse leads(or whatever ends up in my mailbox or inbox).
The occasional full or mini special pops up now and then. I have donea two-parter on Jack DeJohnette (check the current archives), and Jaco Pastorius, singers, Canadian jazz, Black History month, Joe Zawinul,  AACM, poetry and jazz, and much more.   Check out the list of interviews, too, under "Guests" above. 




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