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Playlists from July 7, 2007 up to December 31, 2011 are lists from shows produced on CKUW 95.9 Winnipeg. 

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August 30, 2008 Playlist
August 23, 2008 Playlist

Lots of music today as the show runs to 6 pm  as Pat Keenan the host of the following Let's Go Jack is off in Montreal - getting married! 

We'll feature some newer trumpet players like Taylor Haskins and Corey Wilkes, plus new releases from Montreal saxmen Francois Carrier and Erik Hove. Toss in some Sanborn, Shepp, Harriott, and Aaron Parks from his new Blue Note release, and it should be an interesting five hours of music.

August 16, 2008 Playlist
This is the show that I was going to do on the 9th.  Felled by flu, I was.  I was voiceless.
August 2, 2008 Playlist
July 26, 2008 Playlist
ImageStepping into the spotlight -- one of the most influential guitarists on the scene today, Kurt Rosenwinkel with a good chunk of music from his recent ArtistShare release, The Remedy. And there's a continuation of our last week's look at Dennis Gonzalez.
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