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  Link   NoBusiness Records
Lithuanian-based independent source of new and reissued avant/free jazz
  Link   Auand Records
Leading Italian jazz label.
  Link   TUM Records
Leading Finnish label with great music
  Link   Skirl
Chris Speed's label - very uncompromising and avant
  Link   Whirlwind Records
Contemporary London-based music, features US artists too.
  Link   Intakt Records
Swiss label devoted to avant garde music from creative artists.
  Link   Relative Pitch
NYC independent label committed to avant garde and free jazz
  Link   ACT Music
Leading European contemporary label.
  Link   Rare Noise Records
Highly creative and challenging music.
  Link   Leo Records
London, England-based long-running avant garde label.
  Link   Orenda Records
Creative music from California started by Daniel Rosenboom
  Link   Edition Records
English contemporary label with European artists too
  Link   Rufus Records
My good friends in Australia.
  Link   QFTF
Contemporary German label.
  Link   Libra Records
The home of Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura music
  Link   Rattle Records
From even further download, New Zealand's leading jazz label.
  Link   Firehouse 12
No sissy stuff here. The home of Mary Halvorson.
  Link   Sunnyside
Varied styles, always consistently good music
  Link   ECM
You say Blue Note, I say ECM.
  Link   Laborie Jazz
The home of Emile Parisien.
  Link   Jazzsick
More jazz from Germany.
  Link   JazzHausMusik
Fine music from Germany
  Link   AUM Fidelity
Today's creative masters live here.
  Link   BJU Records
Brooklyn Jazz Underground's music co-op own label
  Link   Moserobie Records
Killin' stuff from Scandinavia
  Link   Cuneiform Records
Creative, eclectic, challenging, cutting edge
  Link   Pi Recordings
Cutting edge, highly creative music
  Link   Cellar Live (Canada)
  Link   Clean Feed (Portugal)
Sources: eBay, Verge
  Link   Cryptogramophone (USA)
  Link   Drip Audio
Jesse Zubot's Vancouver label where the outside is in.
  Link   Effendi Records (Canada)
  Link   Fresh Sound New Talent (Spain)
  Link   Greenleaf Music (US)
Dave Douglas' record label
  Link   Justin Time Records (Canada)
  Link   Playscape Recordings (US)
  Link   Songlines
Cutting edge improv from Tony Reif's Vancouver label.

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